Layout alignment problem

I am trying to make something realy simple with the layout:
I have a tab layout. And I want it to fill the entire screen. So it’s height is set to 100%.
In a tab, I want to put some text a the top in a horizontal layout. And then I want to put another horizontal layout of field, label and button just under.
But I ma strugling doing that. My first horizontal layout is at the top, but the second one is in the middle-buttom part!!
Setting height of my horizontal layout to fix size doesn’t change anything.
The only way I found to do it is by using the ration. And I hate that because the size change (so the vertical alignment) with different browser size.
I also tried to embed everything inside a vertical layout and set it’s height. It is working, but again you need to calculate the total height of your components…

Is there a way to just add component one under the other?

VerticalLayout with auto/undefined height should do just that. Setting any explicit height (fixed or relative) will cause the layout to distribute the avaiable space equally among all the children (and you can change the distribution using expand ratios).

So create a new VerticalLayout, add the necessary components/rows to that, and set the VerticalLayout as the content of the tab.

Hope this helps.