large projects with vaadin?

We consider vaadin on the implementation of a larger project with vaadin.
It is based on the size of a project known limitations with Vaadin?

The press believes that Vaadin is only suitable for smaller projects!?

Under a larger project, we understand about 1,000 people every day who work with the application
and databases with 400 tables and several gigabytes of data per table.

Thanks for any information :-}

Bumping this up as nobody has replied here.

I know of some big projects that are mostly used on (large) intranets but for most of them there is not much public information available. I assume you have looked at
Who Is Using Vaadin
- a few of the projects listed there are also quite big although it might not be very visible from the screenshots and short descriptions and most projects listed there are relatively small.

In a carefully designed application, Vaadin should not be the bottleneck when scaling to thousands of users. Vaadin scales well on the server as long as your application does not keep too much data in memory in the session (see e.g.
this scalability study
). Of course, you do need to think carefully about the architecture and interfaces to the back-end as well as memory usage etc.

If designing an application for a massive number of unauthenticated occasional users on the public internet, Vaadin might not be the best option, though, but you might want to look at some less stateful alternatives.

Is there any effort underway to allow applications to plug-in session state management where in they can store state in a distributed cache instead of http session?

Not that I am aware of - because it makes more sense to make the http session distributed ! (more products out there as the “market” is bigger)

For example,
Hazelcast (OSS, Apache 2 License)
has a servlet filter that distributes the session (among many other cool things).



As Charles mentioned, there are more generic clustering solutions such as Hazelcast (free) and Terracotta (commercial) available.

Nevertheless, pluggable session storage support was proposed as a Vaadin 7 feature but has not been implemented yet and might not make it to 7.0 in the current schedule. Already in Vaadin 6, something like that is done by GAEApplicationServlet but the mechanisms have not been designed for extensibility.

Thanks will try out Hazelcast. Look forward to Vaadin 7 feature when it is available.

Hi Henri,

What is current plan for pluggable session storage feature? I checked 7.1 release notes, it seems still not include.


Although there has been some refactoring in the related classes, pluggable session storage has not been implemented yet and I don’t know of any immediate plans for implementing it.

See also the ticket

Thank you very much for quick answer.