Lanch don't work

Hi i need your help because when i run my application i have that error →


  • The value ie10 was not previously defined.

how can i solve it?

Thanks in advance,

be the same problem?

thanks for your help. Yes it’s the same problem. I user that link and read the readme but i don’t know what i have to do

I would recommend you to use the pre-built jars of vaadin instead of a checkout. (I myself use maven but the jars on the vaadin page should have the right gwt in them). Then just use the gwt version which is already in the vaadin jar. I don’t know that much about thing mentioned in the readme because i use maven and so i don’t really have to bother with these things.
So summary:

  • Use Maven/Ivy for managing the vaadin version and the dependencies
  • Or Use the pre-built vaadin jar from the vaadin download-page

If these options aren’t valuable in your case you might have to wait until a vaadin-dev sees this question or post a specific question in the other thread i linked before.

i think that these option are not valuable in my case beauce i have integrate vaadin in an existing GWT Project by using the google eclipse plugin →

I just had a look at this wiki thread and it seems like you can use ivy or maven to do this (like described in the chapters “Using Google Eclipse Plugin” and “Using Maven”).

i have create my own widgetSet and complite it, but now i have that warning -->[WARN]
No startup URLs supplied and no plausible ones found – use -startupUrl

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> preProject Vaadin production mode productionMode false
	<servlet-name>Preproject Application</servlet-name>

		Vaadin UI class to use</description>

		Legacy mode to return the value of the property as a string from AbstractProperty.toString()</description>


	<servlet-name>Preproject Application</servlet-name>


And i don’t know why but the code of my web.xml is automatically change when i run my application

So are you follow the steps under Using Google Eclipse Plugin (Ivy) or under Using Maven ?

If your web.xml gets changed to what you posted that’s ok as it’s the right Vaadin-structure. It’s probably ivy what’s doing that.

When do you get the error’s? During widgetset compilation or during the actual building of the application’s war file?