Label Not Changing Value

I initially set my label like this:

private Label status = new Label("");

and then I set the value like this:

status.setValue("Click 'Browse' to select a file and then click 'Upload Now'.");

This works fine but then when I change it again, it doesn’t change the label:"upload worked");
status.setValue("Transfer successful.");

I can see the log come in but the status doesn’t change.
Do I need to update the layout again or something? Like re-add the component?

I don’t see a sensible explanation for that. The setValue() should work for Label,
as it does in this example

There’s no need to update the layout or re-add the Label.

Apologies, I have found my mistake, I rerendered a list after upload was complete which was resetting the value of the status box each time,

Thank you for the response!