Keyboard repeat works in PasswordField but not in TextField

Keyboard repeat (that is, hold down a key and after a delay the key is repeated, and repeated, and…) works in PasswordField but not in TextField.
I want to have the repeat behaviour in the text fields too.
How can I set it to have the same behaviour in both kinds of fields?
This is Vaadin7 on Tomcat 7/Mac/Chrome

Hi David,

I think the behaviour you’re experiencing might be related to OS X Character Accent Menu that popups when a key is hold down if the key has accent options. There’s a lot of info online on how to disable it.

I hope this is helpful for you.

Hi Guilermo

You’re right, it’s general behaviour on the mac (“improved” a version or two ago).
Sorry to waste space on this forum about it!
Thanks for the tip.