Kanban Board

Hi Everyone,

I’m in need of a Kanban Board for my Vaadin Framework project.

I was hoping for something like this


Does anyone know if there is an existing element?

If not does anyone have any suggestions on the best approach to develop one?

I’m newish to Vaadin so was hoping for some initial direction. I was thinking perhaps each list in the board could be a Grid which also has drag and drop. Is it possible to add a card type element to a Grid cell? if so then that means I can do up a Card for each Task in the list.


Anyone out there able to give me any feedback?

to: John Mooney - did you solve your kanban board needs with Vaadin? we find ourselves looking for a solution (Jan 2019)

Same with us. +1

Hey, we´ve developed something like this. It´s not a seperate module, but could be transferred into one or integrated into any other application. Looks like shown in the attached screenshot. If you are interested, please contact me (sven at hankemeier dot de)