JW Player in Vaadin (Scaladin)

Hi! I’d like to use JW Player in my application. To install it I have to add

<script type="text/javascript" src="/VAADIN/js/jwplayer.js"></script>

in the head section and then

<div id="container">Loading the player ...</div>
<script type="text/javascript">
flashplayer: "player.swf",
file: "video.mp4",
height: 270,
width: 480

in the body

To add necessary script in the head I just did something like this (the code is in Scala):

package com.vocab

import com.vaadin.terminal.gwt.server.ApplicationServlet
import java.io.BufferedWriter
import javax.servlet.http.HttpServletRequest

class MainServlet extends ApplicationServlet {
	protected override def writeAjaxPageHtmlHeader(page: BufferedWriter, title: String, themeUri: String, request: HttpServletRequest) {
		super.writeAjaxPageHtmlHeader(page, title, themeUri, request)
			  	|<script type="text/javascript" src="/VAADIN/js/jwplayer.js"></script>

It works great. The script line is added to header and I can display it by clicking on it in source view.
The second part is the body part. To implement it I used CustomLayout as follows:

class LessonIntroductionExercise(val lessonScreen: LessonScreen) extends VerticalLayout {
	val playerCustomLayout = new CustomLayout {
		templateContents =
				|<div id="container">Loading the player ...</div>
				|<script type="text/javascript">
				|flashplayer: "player.swf",
				|file: "video.mp4",
				|height: 270,
				|width: 480

	def deployElements() {


I can see the div but JW Player doesn’t display. When I use Firebug to debug JavaScript I get an error “jwplayer is not defined” (notwithstanding including it in the header). Player.swf and video.mp4 are in “webapp/VAADIN/themes/reindeerCustom/layouts/” (reindeerCustom is my theme). The script is in “webapp/VAADIN/js”.
Does anybody have any idea why it might be and what to do about it? I would be extremely grateful for any help.

Ok. There were actually three mistakes.
First and foremost


should be

In addition the paths were wrong. They should be