JSR 286 Compliance


Thanks for this add-on. It is very useful for us.
We are also exploring Liferay vs going with our own Web App. In our application we need minimal functionality (like portal layout and inter-portlet communication)
Where as liferay has many other functionalities. Hence we would like to get the following info:

Is this portal layout addon compatible with JSR 286 (Java Portal Specification)?
If it is not compliant, are there any plans to make it compatible in the future?

Does this add-on provide a option to inter-portal communication?


Had to guess a little what this was about, but I assume you are talking about the PortalLayout add-on.

It has nothing to do with JSR-286 portals except that it provides a layout with a similar look and reorganization options as some portals do. A PortalLayout lives purely within a single Vaadin application, so there are no issues like inter-portlet communication - everything is a part of the same application.

Nothing stops you from using a PortalLayout inside a single JSR-286 portlet, but the resulting feel might be quite different from a native portal solution if the user sees “portlets within portlets”, with different operations possible on them.

Going for Liferay or some other JSR-286 portal / portlet container and having multiple portlets on it would require you to think more about things like inter-portlet communication, which might complicate your application architecture somewhat, so you need to weigh the pros and cons of each approach when making the decision. Usually the decision is dictated by something else than a single Vaadin application - e.g. other portlets in use or CMS functionality or some management tools a portal provides etc.