jsp image path problem

Hi how to give image path in jsp file?.
I have all images in webapp/images/logo.png
my login page has title image and path is like Dolphin Logo and footer image path is <img src=“<%=getServletContext().getRealPath(”/“)%>Imges/vegalogo_s.png”> as shown in attchement it is dispaying .The footer image is coming it is taking absolute path but for security purpose i dont want to use it also it is not recomeded . so help me how to give relative path it is urgent .Thanks in adavance.
11869.bmp (3.75 MB)

Please don’t open multiple threads for the same question.

According to your printscreen:

Your path to the image is very probably:


or perhaps


It must be relative to the location of the current page, and that is:


So you have to go one step up for the jsp/ path element
and then down into the Imges
If the Imges path is however located directly under http://localhost:8085/
then you have to go up twice, once for the jsp/ and then another one for vaadin-sec/