Jquery to animate Vaadin UI components

Hi everyone,
First of all i want to congratulate Vaadin Team for the amazing work they are doing.
I’m a newbie Vaadin user,I’ve been working on an applicaton which uses Vaadin for displaying web views.Later on,i wanted to add some JQuery features to my application.
I extended the AbstractApplication servlet class and overrided the writeAjaxPageHtmlHeader method to inject a the javascript in the application generated html as the following:

protected void writeAjaxPageHtmlHeader(BufferedWriter page, String title, String themeUri,
			HttpServletRequest request) throws IOException {
		page.append("<script type=\"text/JavaScript\" src=\"jquery.min.js\"></script>");
		page.append("<script type=\"text/javascript\" src=\"jquery.jqplot.min.js\"></script>");
		page.append("<title>" + title + "</title>");
		 String template =
			      "<script type=\"text/JavaScript\">"+
			      "jQuery(\".v-label\").ready(function() {"+
			      "alert('this is the label text '+jQuery(\".v-label\").text());"+
			     "});" +
		super.writeAjaxPageHtmlHeader(page, title, themeUri, request);


The javascript didn’t work and it’s due to JQuery call,what have i missed through this example?could anyone help with this problem?

Hurray!! the problem is solved : i wasn’t pointing at the right path of jQuery library so the [quote]
[/quote] wasn’t the appropriate path.


I’m starting to use jquery. but I’m having trouble using servlet in my application is, if you could help me on something please, look I’ve been looking for information vaadin forum and unfortunately I have not found anything.

My question is how to do for that loaded libraries are used by customlayouts.