jPlayer integration / AddOn

I have just found Vaddin.
is there a jPlayer or other HTML5 Audio Player AddOn available ?
Or is there any other way to play back audio without flash ?

Since version 6.7.0 Vaadin contains the
component that uses HTML5 audio component.

Hello Henri,
how would I get the duration and current position ? Are there any example on how to use Audio in Vaddin ?

Are there any Event fired, I cant find them in the API ?

Thank you for your Time!


Have you found the answer for your question about the duration and current position of Audio?

I would like to integrate the plugin JPlayer in a Vaadin project because the object Audio does not respond completely to my expectations, is there a tutorial or an example of how integrate this plugin (JPlayer) in a aaplication Vaadin?

thank you very much

I was also looking into using jPlayer with vaadin due to the spotty support of the

If I come up with any “hacks” to make this work I’ll post back here. That being said there is no way any of my hacks will give you the kind of integration you are talking about between jPlayer and Vaadin.