JPAContainerItem Bug

This has been discussed before in a few threads, but I thought I would try one more time to see if there is something I am doing wrong before I submit a bug report.

I have an EnityItem that I am editing via a form and have called form.setItemDataSource(myEntityItem). One of the fields in this entity class is a ManyToOne relationship with another Entity. In the form, I have a ComboBox that I am using to select this other entity. In my defaultfieldfactory for the combobox, I use combobox.setContainerDataSource(JPAContainerForOtherEntity). To me this all seems very straight forward, but It does not work upon form.commit. The issue is in the class JPAContainerItem line 237 (Using JPAContainer version 1.2.0)

Does anyone know why this is? I had to hack it previously to work, but it seems like such a fundamental need for a Container. Why purchase something that is missing basic functionality? I am hoping that I am approaching this situation incorrectly, although the route I took seems the most logical.


I forgot to mention that the way to solve this problem in the interim is to do something like this:

My entity is a table that contain different client options. One of the options is to receive text updates on their cell phone. I have another table that contains the major cellular carries and their related sms gateways. The user needs to choose their carrier. In the FormFieldFactory I have done the following base on suggestions on other threads concerning this issue:

        private ComboBox createMobileCarriersComboBox(Object propertyId) {
            ComboBox pf = new ComboBox();
            BeanItemContainer<MobileCarriers> container = new BeanItemContainer<MobileCarriers>(MobileCarriers.class);
            for(int i=0; i<mobileCarriersContainer.size(); i++) 
            return pf;

It seems unnecessary to convert a JPAContainer over to a BeanItemContainer to solve this issue. It also seems unnecessary to buy a pro account to get the solution to this problem.