JPAContainer, Combobox FieldGroup

Hello, I’m Facing a problem with my JPAContainer Combobox and FieldGroup.

I’m Using Vaadin 7.1.15 and JPAContainer 3.1.1
When i try to bind my combobox with a property the value gets changed, but the combobox visually remains unchanged…
i have the same problem even if i use the setValue method

I’m using SingleSelectConverter…

What could be the problem?

        types = JPAContainerFactory.make(ProductType.class, "inventory");
        cbType.setConverter(new SingleSelectConverter<ProductType>(cbType));


            FieldGroup fg = new FieldGroup(item);
            fg.bind(cbType, "productType");

The Combo gets the value set in the Item.

Hi Andrés,

the ComboBox seems to be binded with the jpa container but does the container has items? And your System.out prints the selected value. At this point nothing is selected.
So first you should check cbType.getItemIds() if there are items.

Yes, the container has items, the elements show in the combobox, i just cant seem to select them…

Okay, perfect! :slight_smile:
Could you please post how you select an item and when you expect a selected item?

Thanks in advance for your help!

I’m building a form for editing my Model, so i’m using a FieldGroup… since i’ts not working, i’ve tried a little test scenario with just the combo and a button… when i press the button i try to select the value of the first element of the container (container.firstItemId()), and the value gets changed, but the combo remains visually without a value…

i’m really puzzled with this problem…

Hm, that’s unusual. Could you post your mini example. When you call setValue() to a event the UI should update