We have som application written in vaadin.
This application is now embedded in iframe in jira, i did it also in gadget,
so i have 2 integration in iframe and in gadget.(portlet,iframe)

I would like to use execute window.executeJavaScript to communicate back te evens to the rest
of the window (where vaadin is embedded as iframe).

is t possible? or im limited to the elements (html) in this embedded iframe only?
how to accesss the rest of the page via native javascript window.executeJavaScript

Stuff in a iframe can’t access the rest of the page for security reasons. You have to use some other channel, eg. a database to get data through the iframe barrier.

You could try to use new
Vaadin XS
integration instead of an iframe.

But note that
you can only embed one application on a page
with Vaadin XS. You could perhaps combine the two techniques, though, or have the application using Vaadin XS place components also outside its own div with some tricks.


i did the integration, so i have vaadin in jira, and send data from vaadin to jira and back, and all together it works.
used vaadin xs
(vaadin as div in jira page, vaadin modal window in jira page, and others.

What might be customer next wish is to be able to have more jiras opened in multiple browsers or multiple windows,
then i will run into troubles with vaadin session, Im running vaadin application on different server then jira, and this will be also
the final configuration, vaadin application running on remote server and jira using artifacts of vaadin remotely

For this scenarion (multiple browsers jira) is it possible to use vaadin portlet in jira server?
Is it possible to overcome problems with vaadin session?