JFreeChartWrapper loading incomplete?

I am using JFreeChartWrapper to create a chart and put that in a popup window. That seems to work fine.

However, I’ve noticed that whenever I close the popup window, My browser (Safari 5.0) will say at the bottom

Loading “http://localhost:8080/JFreeChartComponent” completed 18 of 19 items

and if I open the window and close it again, the browser will say

[font=Courier New]

Loading “http://localhost:8080/JFreeChartComponent” completed 18 of 20 items

etc. and so on, so that there are as many incomplete loads as the times I close the popup window that contains the chart.

If I omit the chart from the popup window, then I don’t get the loading message. The type of chart doesn’t seem to matter.

Is Safari confused or is something else going on?

Attached is a small example, using the JFreeChartWithToolkit demo as a starter.
11301.java (1.65 KB)


I couldn’t reproduce the issue. What is the application server and Vaadin version you are using? I guess you are on mac as you are using Safari.


Hi Matti. Thanks for the prompt reply.

I am on Vaadin 6.3.3
I use both both Jetty 6.1.23 and tomcat 6.0.18 and get the same behavior on both.
I’m using Safari 5.0 on OS X.

I don’t know how to tell from Safari which request is failing to load completely.

It’s always related to closing the pop-up window with the chart. In Firefox/firebug, I see the requests
GET graph.svg and a
POST UIDL?windowName=…

whenever I create the pop-up and close it.

I also see that in Safari there is a warning:

Resource interpreted as document but transferred with MIME type image/svg+xml.
for graph.svg

Again, if I simply comment out the chart, my popup with just a label does not exhibit this behavior. I can open and close it repeatedly and I don’t see the message about “loading 18 of 19 items…”


I hacked up a demo of various JFreeChart’s examples rendered with the wrapper. And your issue seems to reproduce there with Safari.


I guess the issue is in Safari as there is no such a problem in FF or Opera. What we could do is to fill a decent bug report to webkit’s bugzilla.


Thanks Matti for looking into this. It’s good to know that I’m not just imagining things and that it’s browser-specific.

The Activity window in Safari shows that the item that does not complete is the graph.svgz request.
e.g., if I hit your demo and select a chart, my Safari browser activity shows something like the attached screenshot.

I don’t know why that is. A refresh of the browser page always clears it up and all items are loaded to completed.

Nice demo with all those charts from the JFreeChart demos!

Is the code for the JFreeChartDemosInBrowser online demo available anywhere?