Jenkins fails intermittently when installing node

Every now and then our jenkins builds fail with:
Could not extract archive: '/home/jenkins/.vaadin/node-v16.18.0-linux-x64.tar.gz'

Is this something that is our own doing in how we install things or something within Vaadin?
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It’s highly recommended to manage node on your Jenkins yourself and don’t let anything within your slave access or even remotely download something from the internet. That’s a future security nightmare to be happen.

A follow-up question on that then, in it’s written: If Node.js is found globally, Vaadin validates that it’s a supported version
How do we know that it’s a supported version?

The needed nodejs version is mentioned in the major and minor release patch notes for example on GitHub / Vaadin Platform Repo.

Vaadin 23: 16.x - 18.x
Vaadin 24: 18.x

Gotcha, looked through the documentation and couldn’t find it. But then I know where to look for future upgrades

You can upvote this - I would love to find it in the docs as well :sweat_smile:


I have faced a similar problem, but yes, in general one should prefer to provide all necessary tools instead of allowing the node to download all automatically.