JBOSS and Widget

Cannot create a widget if I have JBOSS 4.2.2 as the runtime.
Using the eclipse plugin
With my current project selected

–Vaadin Widget
when I click next NOTHING happens.
If I change runtime to tomcat or glassfish it works.
I tried to temporarily change to tomcat and create my widget. And then go back to jboss, but then I could not deploy my ear file.

I am using SuperImmediateTextField supplied in sitf-0.0.1.jar
So basically I dont need to create my own widget, only use this one

How can I solve this problem???

Tommy Stenberg

After manually created the gwt.xml file and change the web.xml, the widget seems to work!!

To use a widget distributed in a jar you don’t need to create your own widget. What you need to do is to re-compile the application widgetset (the client-side part of Vaadin components). This is because of the GWT implementation.

However, Eclipse should automatically suggest you to do this whenever needed. You can also do it manually from the Eclipse toolbar button any time.

Take a look at the sample here how to use the SuperImmediateTextField:

(look for function ‘superImmediateExample’)

Btw: I’m assuming you use Vaadin 6.2.x

I am using ver 6.2.0
And the superImm… works fine now.
Thank you for the response
Tommy Stenberg