JBoss 2.7.2 Portlet displays "null"

Hi All,

This may be too simplistic, but we have been trying to get a basic Vaadin portlet working in JBoss.

I understand that once you have your portlet.xml and the associated JBoss XML files, then the basic Vaadin application should work fine within a portlet. When we deploy, our portlet prints “null”.

We know the portlet is initing as I have put in a print to console.

The simple hellow world is attached along with the xml files. Any ideas anyone?


11259.war (4.95 KB)

Thanks all… the response has been overwhelming

  1. Have managed to get the basic vaadin portlet working in jboss portal 2.6.8. This is after creating the jboss xml files by hand. Nothing I have tried has been able to get the same war working in jboss portal 2.7.2.

There has been a mention of a possible bug in jboss, but one that may be bypassed via a patch in vaadin, but the latest nightly build does not include this. What to do?

  1. There is no documented way I can find to auto generate the jboss specific xml files in the eclipse tool? However in some old it mill posts there was mention of such a generator. Any ideas?



At least according to http://vaadin.com/forum/-/message_boards/message/101956 it could be a bug in JBoss Portal 2.7.2. As JBoss Portal is a discontinued product I doubt they will fix it. The successor GateIn should work better and the workaround in the other forum post might work also.

The plugin contains no JBoss portal support so you need to create any JBoss portal specific files yourself