Javax servlet 3.1 websphere 9 issue


It is my copy also for atmosphere:

We have vaadin 7.6.3 web application which is building by jdk6 and deploying to IBM WAS 8 jdk 6, javax webSocket v.3.

Our goal is to use http (Long Polling) connection with client, so we have ‘org.atmosphere.usewebsocketandservlet3 = false’ at our web.xml
.war file contains: atmosphere-runtime-2.2.7.vaadin1.jar

We’d like to move to jdk 8.121 and IBM WAS 9 jdk 8 (javax webSocket v.3.1), but while testing found an issue.
Changing paramater ‘org.atmosphere.usewebsocketandservlet3’ to ‘org.atmosphere.usewebsocketandservlet3.1 = false’ does not gives us solution - our web application still connects via WebSocket connection.

Also i tried this addition serlvet listener - no result.
Could you please tell me about compatibility between 3.1 serlvet framework and atmosphere framework?

Thank you.