Javascript/Style question: no reliable popup in BrowserFrame?

I have an html file that when rendered in a Vaadin application’s BrowserFrame, will not display the popup triggered by a button on every click.
If I view this file directly in the same browser, the popup works fine.

The Edit button triggers the plotEdit() function that starts at line 98. The styles are embedded in the file starting around line 1139. The button defined at line 1358, is like this:

<input name="updateButton" type="button" value="Edit" onclick="plotEdit()"/> Sometimes it pops up fine, sometimes it doesn’t (under Vaadin app).

I’d really appreciate some pointers on this.
22721.html (62.2 KB)

I was too hasty with my assumptions here. The problem was my misunderstanding of how the D3 plotting package works, and the problem has nothing at all to do with Vaadin.