JavaScript exception is thrown if Table is empty on Internet Explorer

I have a problem with Table component (using 6.8.7 version):

If table has an empty set of items, it always throws JS exception on client side when browser is Internet Explorer. I found out that this happens only when table page length is set to zero (table.setPageLength(0)).

Situation can be reproduced using this code (table must contain no items):

Table table = new Table();
table.addContainerProperty("testColumn", String.class, null);

In my case client side keeps sending requests over and over because of that exception.


JavaScriptException: (TypeError): Unable to get value of the property ‘1’: object is null or undefined
description: Unable to get value of the property ‘1’: object is null or undefined
number: -2146823281

How can I avoid this exception when using IE?

I am geeting same error even i found it when there is empty table(table without row) on screen.
My Post for same issue: [url=]

please help me if you have any solution or workaround to avoid this

If this still occurs with the latest Vaadin versions (6.8.9 or 7.0.1), please
create a ticket
, including the code to reproduce the problem as well as information about the browser version that has the problem etc.

I am using vaadin version “7.0.0.beta11” for devlopment. I am having same problem

Please test first with Vaadin 7.0.1 - many issues (including Table issues) have been resolved between beta11 and 7.0.1.