Javascript error is console in production build

Hello, I’ve just migrated Vaadin 14 application to Vaadin 24. In development mode everything looks good. As soon as I created production build by mvn clean verify -Pproduction and try to load the application all external dependencies javascripts aren’t loaded. I attach console log screenshot to see the errors. It’s spring boot application based on starter app - with the same production profile part. In my application.yml I defined the whitelisted packages correctly I hope: vaadin:allowed-packages: /com/mediasol/solar/vaadin,/com/mediasol/micro/vaadin,/org/vaadin,/com/hilerio/ace,/com/vaadin,/com/lipisak,/com/flowingcode/vaadin. Could you please help me?

Ok I just turn off optimizeBundle and it did the trick and it’s ok now. But I guess I am missing something anyway - Only external deps are missing. Not sure why.

The production optimizer in v24 is a bit too eager to leave thihngs out in the client bundles.
If you are missing components (JS error in the webbrowser console), then you can try to tell Vaadin that they are still needed with the @Uses(xxx) annotation or perhaps the @LoadDependenciesOnStartup one.

@industrious-uakari thanks for response. Uses is way too complicated due the size of project - too many views/components etc. I tried the @LoadDependenciesOnStartup but it had no effect. Solution was turning the optimization off. It worked.