Javascript component stopped working despite no code changed

In May/June I integrated the Javascript based flotcharts for a personal use ‘addon’ for a project and everything was working just as it should.
Having left it while I worked on other things, now it suddenly does not work. the attached screenshot shows how the border appears showing where the chart should be, but no matter what I try, I can get nothing more than that. I am not receiving any error messages either.

I have not changed anything. I have tried the existing flot project that I last used; I’ve tried starting a new project and inserting my flot code; I tried the tabtest project from here:
but all with the same results.

I have tried various vaadin versions: 7.5.6 , 7.4.6 but nothing changes.

Any ideas are greatly appreciated


With no source code nor debug info, I can not tell for sure what is the problem. But a quick glimpse in this page:

I found under "
Incompatible or Behavior-altering Changes in 7.4
" section:

I initially forgot to respond. Thank you a bunch AMahdy, that solved my problem by switching to elemental.json! required a little code adjusting for the different API but nothing major.

Also found this very useful. One tricky part took me a few minutes to figure out is that you have to change classes from e.g JSONArray to JsonArray (i.e. the new elemental.json classes have different capitalization which can prevent your IDE from finding the classes).

You also have to use JsonUtil.parse to turn your Json strings into actual JsonObjects etc This is different than how you had to do it with org.json classes.

Some other useful info I found was: