java.nio.file.FileSystemNotFoundException in 24.3.5

I’ve started receiving the following exception updating to the latest Vaadin version (with embedded Jetty server). Could you please advice what could be a reason?

Jetty is the reason, see

Well, the issue is closed (so supposed to be fixed) … Also why /VAADIN/push goes to StaticServlet?

Also I do not have such a problem in 24.3.3 …

You might wanna comment that on the issue.

The fix seems to be included in 24.3.4 and 24.4.0.alpha3: Release Vaadin Flow 24.3.4 · vaadin/flow · GitHub Release Vaadin Flow 24.4.0.alpha3 · vaadin/flow · GitHub. If it’s broken again in 24.3.5, it could be a regression

So I would recommend creating a new issue with a link to the original one

Well, will try to do. But, anyway, why /VAADIN/push goes to StaticServlet? Is that an expected behavior?

(whether you should comment on an old issue or create a new one is kind of a matter of taste - I prefer the latter personally, but it depends)

No idea about the Push thing. I recommend creating another ticket about it.

It does not work in 23.3.4 as well … Looks like this is not a regression but side effect: the fix produced another bug. Or something is wrong in my appliction, though I can not understand what …

In 23.3.4 the URL is a bit different …

Every request is first checked by StaticFileServer.
The patch is partially working, meaning that it detects the Jetty 12 anomaly and tries to fix, but the resource URL returned by Jetty seem causing an issue when Flow checks if it is an existing resource or not.
It would be great if you could put a breakpoint on VaadinServletService at line 331 (!File.exists(...)) and post here or in the issue the value of url.toURI()

will do !



Thanks. This issues deserves a new ticket. Do you mind creating an issue on Github, posting both the exception and the debug findings?

ok, will do