java.lang.NoSuchMethodError with Form


I got unexpected exception with Form component:

java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.itmill.toolkit.ui.Form.setFooter(Lcom/itmill/toolkit/ui/Layout;)V

I am using toolkit 5.2.2 downloaded an hour ago and eclipse 3.3.2.

The weird thing is that eclipse can detect the function, provide documentation and show the source code of the function. The same with getFooter(). Other functions of the Form component seem to be fine.

Example of code:

public class TestWindow extends Window {

	public TestWindow() {

		Form form = new Form();
		form.setFooter(new OrderedLayout());

What to do? The exception occurs with ff2, opera 9 and safari 3 at least. The same occurred also with toolkit 5.2.1.


Create a ticket ! :)

(Reread the message)

It seems to me that you have the new toolkit.jar in eclipse, but the server uses an old one. Are you sure that you do not have old toolkit.jar in WEB-INF/lib?

I have upgrade to 5.2.2 toolkit.jar in all opened projects. I have also cleaned inside the .metadata folder of eclipse where I had some rc jar files due to trunk checkouts I guess.
Then this problem disappears.

But another one is still persistent: there are bugs that are supposed to be corrected, but even with last jar file, the bug still occurs. For example, I still have the bug


Just to make sure:

If you have your own widgetset - have you recompiled it with the new toolkit version?

Have you cleaned browser caches?

If you do not have your own widgetset, have you extracted the default widgetset in ITMILL -directory? (If so, update it)

Now it is done, and it works much better :smiley: