'java.lang.IllegalStateException There are no instance fields found for automatic binding'

So I was trying to make my own modifications to the starter project to better understand Vaadin and Spring Boot. Here if you navigate to the question view I am greeted with the error shown in the title. You can find the project here https://github.com/pdc20/flow-crm-tutorial/tree/Experimentation. The project uses a postgresql database, but I guess you could delete the appropriate attributes in application.properties to force the app to use the regular H2 database.

The bit that confuses me the most is that the fields in QuestionForm that I wish to bind with those in the Question class are named exactly the same and have the appropriate types, but I am still getting this error. I even tried isolating the fields in QuestionForm so that there would be only the necessary fields for the Question entity, but the same error is still showing. Can I please know what I am doing wrong and how I can correct this?

Don’t you just love it when you ask a question when you’re stumped but less than 10 minutes later you find your answer?

Basically I forgot to put in the getters and setters for the Question class/entity

now it works

It’s often helpful to explain the problem to find the solution yourself