Java - Button Click does not work specifically on IPhone

id ‘com.vaadin’ version ‘24.3.5’

class Comp {
// pseudo code
button.addClickListener(this:: doCalculate);

doCalculate(ClickEvent buttonClickEvent) {
this.add(new H4(“YO”));

this works on android devices, macbook. For iphone 12 and 15, I tried both safari and chrome. “YO” does not show.

If you can share a real reproducing test case you should post it on GitHub. Never heard of such a problem (iphone user myself)

Confirmed. Safari on my macbook does not work as well. If possible, I can DM you a url for a website I hosted. You can open in chrome and then safari and see.

on the left is safari on my mac. Right is chrome

I’m talking about a minimal reproducible example - just tested here and it works with iOS

Is it a problem of the layout ( that is not displayed) or the click?

Hey, thanks folks. Thats on me. Apologies. I customized a MoneyField which adds commas every 1000. That is cause NPEs. Weird that it worked on chrome, not safari.