IT Mill Toolkit 5.4.0 available

The update release IT Mill Toolkit 5.4.0 is available. In addition to a number of bug fixes, it introduces several long-awaited enhancements such as the following:

  • BeanItemContainer wrapper over the regular Java Collection interface to allow binding such collections directly to UI components that accept a Container as the data source, such as the Table.
  • Expand ratios for sizing Table columns, equivalent to expand rations in layouts.
  • Table column resizing on window resize.
  • Added several commonly needed validators and refactored the validation class hierarchy
  • Input prompt that vanishes when the user starts entering text in TextField and ComboBox.
  • Do not throw NPE for null itemId parameter in item setter methods in IndexedContainer
  • handleUnparsableDateString() for handling problems in date strings in DateField

See the
Release Notes
for a more detailed list of enhancements and fixed problems.
44 tickets
were closed.

Get it here:
or directly from the download dir:

A problem not mentioned in the Release Notes, the OOPHM package was broken in IT Mill Toolkit 5.3.1 and did not include (
) the browser plugin files (not a problem if you installed them from another package) and there was a classpath problem (
) in the QuickStart project configuration.