IT Mill Toolkit 5.3.0 RC 5 available

Ho ho ho, me and me brethren elves has made some nice little packages for you, Candy Date Number Five we call them, for the release from the stable. Tools are in them, a kit of tools, magical elvish tools from the frozen mountains of Lappland. With them, we tinker presents, little and big, for the children and the adult alike. Now may you too.

If you seek, you may find some very nice packages at
, wrapped with pretty compression algorithms. Pick the one your know-machine likes the most.

Included is a special gift, the OOPHM, which allows you to hunt little critters that infest your cottage more nicely. Especially those who live amongst the penguin must use them if they wish to catch any nasty bugs at all. See our little scroll at

Interest of reading, a list of nasty things closed after the previous packages:
. Current list of open tickets for the release: