IT Mill Toolkit 5.3.0 RC 11 available

With the Release Candidate 11 for the 5.3.0 release, we included some more demos that have been brewing in the incubator. If you get impatient while waiting the package to download, just jump to the refurbished demo site:

There is the new
demo and the
Address Book
tutorial application released last week, an entirely new
Coverflow demo
featuring Flex integration, and as sugar on the top, the
themeing demo.

Get the 5.3.0 RC11 from
. You can download the latest RC also from the regular
download page

The RC is not entirely free of known issues, but there are not many and none of them should be critical. The remaining problems are listed in the
up-to-date list of open tickets for RC12
. Please report if you find any more problems.

The RC11 has a large number of
35 closed tickets
since RC10.

Release Notes for 5.3.0 release
are mostly unchanged since the previous RC. There is one addition regarding the default width of the Label component, which is now 100%. Setting the width to undefined disables word wrap in Label altogether.