IT Mill Toolkit 5.2.4 (beta) maintenance release

Toolkit 5.2.4 is out with a couple of new fixes and removal of an unstable enhancement.

The development team is still in middle of a bugfixing spree, which will hopefully end with a stable version of Release 5 in the next very few weeks. So, if you find a problem, file a ticket at

The Release Notes for Toolkit 5.2.4 includes detailed changelog:

Making good-quality weekly builds has required using an automated testing system that allows us to easily run a large number of regression and performance tests automatically. We use IT Mill Testing Tools for the automated tests, together with a remote control plugin which allows us to integrate the tests in the build process itself. The experimental system (
) for nightly builds has used the automated testing system for some time now (although the nightlies usually get a lot of failures because of outdated tests in the trunk repository).