IT Mill Toolkit 5.2.12 (beta) maintenance release

This maintenance release includes the essential bug fixes from the last two weeks of development.

The stable 5.3.0 milestone is down to 13 open tickets with 263 closed ones, so we may, if we listen closely, begin to hear the rumble of the approaching release candidates in the distance. We have recently reworked the basic layouts and various other fundamental features and they need a bit more testing and fixing before we begin to push out the RCs.

You can download the new release at

For notes and details on the changes, see the Release Notes at


Could we download the toolkit JAR alone? The ~50MB package is also great, but it would be even greater if we’d have the option to skip downloading the entire package, after a maintenance release. Am I correct when I think the JAR, which also contains the source code, is the only file we need when updating for example from 5.2.11 to 5.2.12? The updated manual can be read from the Web.

In the beginning of my current project, I had to choose between IT Mill and some other toolkits like Echo3, but I’m sure I did the right choice with IT Mill.

Congratulations and thank you all for this great piece of software getting even better every release.