Issues when combining Angular with Vaadin

Hi all

I’m currently trying to embed an existing Vaadin application (uses framework version 7.7.9) into a new Angular application (uses Angular 4.3.3). Vaadin bootstrapping happens from within a custom Angular component that bootstraps Vaadin as described on (“Embedding Inside a div Element”).

Unfortunately, the two frameworks seem to interfere with each other: Dynamically loading data into existing Vaadin tables (e.g. by resorting or scrolling out of the currently loaded page) leads sometimes to an empty table or missing rows in the browser. Sometimes, scrolling down the table until a new page must be loaded leads to a jump back to the start of the table. The behaviour feels like a race-condition as it does not happen all the time. When I start the Vaadin application standalone (without any Angular stuff), everything works perfectly fine.

My current working assumption is that Angular intercepts some events, which lead to an inconsistent Vaadin state beetween client and server. Has anyone else experienced similar issues?

Thanks for any help, Michele