Issues using vaadin portlet with liferay

Hi all,

I have to develop a liferay site using vaadin portlets. Everything is working fine with firefox, chrome and safari, but with IE, the portlet doesnt load (mostly , sometimes it loads normally). The IE debug shows different error each time:

SCRIPT5009: ‘e_b’ is undefined
91D56FE44E47712F9269688DDAEFB000.cache.html, line 2123 character 95

SCRIPT438: Object doesn’t support property or method ‘gwtOnLoad’
91D56FE44E47712F9269688DDAEFB000.cache.html, line 2 character 174

Second problem: A vaadin portlet is added in liferay theme as footer. Everything works normally when a user is logged in (not first time). When new user logged in as first time, they will be redirect to term of use, password change, reminder (liferay feature), the problem occurs (see attached image). A workaround for it is to disable these features but term of use and reminder are required for our sites.

I dont know what happen since /?debug doesnt take me anywhere. I hope someone know about these problems since i m new to vaadin.

Vaadin version: 6.8.0
Liferay version: 6.1.0
Widgetset is compiled using vaadin control panel with vaadin version 6.8.0

Thanks a lot

I have a vaadin application that worked great in IE on Friday but on Monday I get the error below and it does not load:

SCRIPT5009: ‘E_b’ is undefined
8F9C73BF9B3F09883876C30471D38A8A.cache.html, line 2143 character 95

I made no changes! It works fine in Chrome and Firefox. Did you ever come up with a solution to this issue?