Issue with Table scroll bar

Hi, All of a sudden all our table scroll bars started behaving weirdly. When scrolled down for more rows, scroll bar is by default dragged to top of the table and all the data in the table becomes blank for some time and shows up again.
This happens only with the IE browser.
Did anyone else noticed the same issue ever?

More than 20 Vies yet no Replies? Thats strange.

FYI, This issue happens only with IE8, IE9. Works well with IE7. Not sure if there is some Browser changes in recent days.

I think there’s way too many moving parts here. Seeing that you embed Vaadin apps using portlets into Liferay, that can make things a bit more complicated. Does this occur on plain Vaadin app without Liferay embedding? If so then stating the UI structure and CSS stuff would be enough information, but obviously nothing beats debugging a live system.

Thanks for the reply Jani.
Well when used in a normal Vaadin application with Tomcat, No it does not give the problem (Tried with more than 1000 rows). FYI, this is a recent behavior. Never saw this before. We always had large amounts of data in tables still never saw this issue before.

I think I got the Answer. Issue is with the way you use your panels and layouts. I was able to tweak with the code and found a way to get rid of the issue but still not sure what is the exact way to be proceeded.

These are the questions still hunting me.
How to Use Panel and if used panel how to add it to your window.?
How to use VerticalLayout and how to add it to the window. ?
When to use Panel Vs Vertical layout in the code?