Issue with slider....

When I click on slider to change the value a small tool tip kind of stuff is displayed above it with a value…
that tool tip is visible until and unless I click somewhere on the screen…


True, that’s an indicator that shows the current value of the slider (comes in pretty handy sometimes). Even though it is not pointed directly, I guess you’re bothered with this indicator. If so - you can hide it with CSS. The style name for the indicator is
and you’d probably want to remove its’shadow -
. Simply set
display: none
for them and you should be fine.



I would like also to remove the indicator, but only when you stop dragging.
I’ve tried
.v-slider-feedback .v-shadow {
display: none;
but this has no effect, the indicator remains visible.

Then I’ve tried
.v-slider-feedback {
display: none;
but this removes completety the indicator, what I do not want.

Did I miss something?