Issue regarding upload file

I have 2 issue

  1. when i have not selected any file and clicked on upload button . it is not throwing any exception. How can we solve this issue?

  2. Beside the “Choose file” button there is label “No file choosen”. But when w click on that label instead of button .window will get open to choose file. This not expected way. what should i do?

Please reply

Thank you.

  1. Looking at the client-side component it seems like the button click event doesn’t even get to the server side if that’s the case. So if you need this behavior you might have to extend the client side to add your own handling.

  2. What do you expect happening when you click No file chosen? To me, except of doing nothing, opening the window is the most sensible thing to do. If you want to change that you also have to change it on the client-side. You may have to some digging in client-side classes for that.
    Btw. These things are Browser dependent. IE for example doesn’t even have this label. So i’m not sure if you can even change that.