Issue in compiling custom widgetset

While compiling widgetset, i am getting below mentioned error

!ENTRY com.vaadin.integration.eclipse 4 0 2012-07-06 14:26:55.728
!MESSAGE Widgetset compilation failed
org.eclipse.core.runtime.CoreException: Unable to locate WebContent folder. Ensure the project is a dynamic web project.
at com.vaadin.integration.eclipse.util.ErrorUtil.newCoreException(
at com.vaadin.integration.eclipse.util.ProjectUtil.getWebContentFolder(
at com.vaadin.integration.eclipse.util.WidgetsetUtil.compileWidgetset(
at com.vaadin.integration.eclipse.builder.WidgetsetBuildManager.compileWidgetsetIfNotRunning(
at com.vaadin.integration.eclipse.builder.WidgetsetBuildManager.compileWidgetset(
at com.vaadin.integration.eclipse.handlers.CompileWidgetsetHandler$1.compileFile(
at com.vaadin.integration.eclipse.handlers.CompileWidgetsetHandler$
!SUBENTRY 1 com.vaadin.integration.eclipse 4 0 2012-07-06 14:26:55.728
!MESSAGE Unable to locate WebContent folder. Ensure the project is a dynamic web project.

Not sure why it is looking for a WebContent folder, my project is also a web project and a webapp folder is present.
I am attaching my project structure. I cannot change my project structure as it is a old code, i need to use refresher add on.
12427.bmp (418 KB)

Looks like the Project needs to be a Dynamic Web Project - those have the attaches project-structure.

…and to continue on Tobias’ answer as you said you have a project with a different structure: when attaching the “Dynamic Web Project” facet to an existing project, click the “Additional configuration available…” link after selecting the facet to select which folder to use as WebContent (and not to try to generate web.xml etc.).

I have another project Testing, whose structure is same as specified by you and i didnt faced any issue in compiling widgetset there
Attaching Snapshot of that.

What all it needs to do to compile widgetset as i cannot change the project structure/ project type, Why it is looking for WebContent folder? i have a weba8opp folder
12429.bmp (434 KB)

Thanks Henri :slight_smile:

Attaching the “Dynamic Web Project” facet to the existing project resolved my issue.
Now i am not getting above mentioned exception.

Now i am getting below mentioned exception while compilation
Error processing classpath URL ‘file:/D:/Softwares/Kavita_eclipse/eclipse/configuration/com.vaadin.integration.eclipse/download/gwt-dev/2.1.1/gwt-dev.jar’ error in opening zip file

I didn’t get this exception while compiling another project. :frowning:

Unless you are using an old version of Vaadin, this may refer to the wrong version of GWT for your Vaadin version.

I would recommend to first update the Eclipse plug-in if not at the latest version.

After that, one way to update Vaadin class path etc. in the project: remove references to GWT and Vaadin JARs from project build path, change the Vaadin version of the project in project properties to something significantly different and then change it back. Between each step, apply the changes. Note that following this procedure will delete the old Vaadin JAR in the project, but will re-download it when changing back assuming it was a release build.