Is Vaadin suitable to replace the Flex?

We have a large Web application. We created it with Flex, but we are looking for a Flash-free solution to replace it. I have been getting acquainted with Vaadin, but I do not see how this web application could be created with Vaadin. Maybe my logic is wrong, and that is why I do not understand it. We created a framework application in Flex (main window, where the different moduls are called by menu. The modules can change data (parameters) with each other.) The framework is always visible with the menu, only the modules are changing.
Could someone tell if it is possible to be created in Vaadin, and if it is, than how can you built an application like this in Vaadin?


Sure you can build such an application with Vaadin. Just build each of your modules as Vaadin component and switch between those.

If you are using Vaadin 7, you probably want to use Navigator and mark those modules as View:s.

Thank you for your answer Joonas!