Is Vaadin, Section 508 compliant?


Is the UI generated from Vaadin framework, Section 508 compliant? Are ARIA tags being used to achieve the standards? Also which screen readers does it currently support?

Thanks in advance.


I don’t believe Vaadin is explicitly 508 compliant, no;
here is an article Fredrik wrote concerning Vaadin & Accessibilty.
Essentially, it is possible to develop a largely accessible application, but most of the responsibilty is on you as a developer to ensure that it is so.

Vaadin is significantly dependent upon GWT components. GWT 2.0.3 is not totally compliant with ARIA & Section 508;
here’s a recent article on GWT Accessibility
. Until GWT itself is compliant, Vaadin is unlikely to be.

Hope that hopes a little



Thanks Charles. Its definitely helpful.

We plan to support both WAI-ARIA and Section 508 in Vaadin 7. The work on support is likely to begin quite late in the Vaadin 7 development cycle - most probably in the summer.

Relevant tickets to follow:

Vaadin uses almost none of the GWT widget implementations (rich text area being an exception), so GWT not supporting WAI-ARIA should not block Vaadin from supporting these standards.

Thanks Joonas.
Its great and helpful to see that accessibility is on the agenda and part of the next release.