Is Vaadin forum written in Vaadin?

I am interested, or perhaps required, to write a forum for a web service I am currently working on, and I was just wondering if the Vaadin forum is actually written in Vaadin itself.

If not, do you guys think it would be reasonable to use Vaadin for such an endeavour?

Vaadin forum is not written in Vaadin. Instead it is a portlet included in Liferay portal. We are currently considering to re-implement Vaadin forum with Vaadin.

Vaadin could be a very good framework for implementing a Forum, but there are aspects such as search engine support that are necessary to take into account. Also there are quite a few forum implementations already available - there is no point in implementing a “web-page” like forum with Vaadin when there are quite a few around.

Yes, there are other numerous solutions for forum implementation, however I am worried (honestly due to inexperience) about data manipulation and synchronization issues when having parts of a site built using Vaadin and others using let’s say PHP for the forum.

I do agree that search engine support is a must for a forum, however what is special about any forum is that the most important thing is the written text, so creating html snapshots for SEO proves to be less difficult than for example a page with a lot of dynamic content.

My idea for the Vaadin forum is to basically use a simple table for the thread list and a paged table for the threads themselves, since the Table component allows placing other Vaadin components within the cells.

While Table is a good component for thread lists, it might be sub-optimal for threads themselves. I would consider using just CSSLayout for the threads.

If you choose to use existing implementation, a JSP/Servlet based forum would be better fit to Vaadin application. They could more easily be packaged in one war and share login information etc.

and the rest of is wriiten with vaadin? :slight_smile:

No, most of the site uses standard liferay porlets. Some parts of the site is written with Vaadin, for example,
Pro Account
and its features, and
the Directory

Ironic isn’t it? :grin: Vaadin headquarters is not made from Vaadin itself , Would be great and cool if it was 100% pure Vaadin , btw is the top black bar is a Vaadin’s MenuBar ?component?

As has been stated by many, Vaadin is better suited for web
than web sites.

While there are some application-like parts on the web site (some of which have been implemented using Vaadin as mentioned above), we do prefer not reinventing the wheel when some are already available unless there are good reasons to do so.

The black top bar also comes from Liferay.