Is there is Smart Editor Component/ Plug In available

My requirement is to have some SmartTextEditor that should parse the Text and converts it into multiple colors based on tokens/ keywords etc. For example, NotePad++ convert any java class into more readable format, same with Eclipse Text Editor too.

Let say, I have a Text Written in TextArea as - VAADIN - THINKING OF U & I.

I want VAADIN be in BLUE, THINKING OF U is GREEN, I also in GREEN. Indeed all the non char is BLACK. All should be under same Component such as TextArea.

Thanks in advance!!

This is not a small thing to implement - for instance I believe the Eclipse editor has taken tens of man-years or more to develop.

That said, there exist some JavaScript libraries that might be able to do what you want. At least two of them also have Vaadin add-ons built on top of the library:
AceEditor add-on
on top of
(available for Vaadin 7) and
CodeMirror add-on
on top of
(currently only available for Vaadin 6.x).

Check the home pages of the libraries for their documentation and how they can be customized and then pick the corresponding Vaadin add-on based on that and the Vaadin version you need to support. I would expect some tweaking of the add-ons might be needed for whatever your use case is.

Hi Henri, thanks so much for your advice. I will go through both the Editors and will look which one best fit to my requirement and can be easily customized.
We have only handful of keywords and few syntexs that only needs to be colored dynamically when user types it in Editor(Or Saves it will also work)…