Is there any good Add-on to generate Form GUI from a POJO ?

Hi all,

I have to create a lot a Form starting from a POJO.
I noticed that there is a Add-on to do what I need but it doens’t support Vaadin 7+.
Any suggestion ?


Hello Stefano,

Please take a look at BeanFieldGroup and
But this doesn’t create a form directly but it makes things easier to create a form!


Did you mean
? The ViewGenerator should nowadays work with the naming convention used by V7 BeanFieldGroup as well.

If you happen to be using NetBeans, you should definitely look at the EntityExpander plugin. It can doo pretty much the same and in much more flexible way. It allows to use your custom templates for “forms”. I’m using it in
this webinar
. Sources (with some nice enhancements) are available from