Is there alternative for TreeGrid with better multi select support?

Because seriously, checkboxes are really bad multiselect. Standard mouse + shift, ctrl is way better

There is no built in alternative to checkboxes currently.

It is, however, possible to add click listeners so it should be possible to do custom actions programmatically.

You sould also take a look at the [GridExtensionPack add-on]
(, with some work, it should be possible to add at least ctrl+click support with the TableSelectionModel.

So TreeGrid allows programmatically select multiple rows without it being in multiselect mode?

TableSelectionModel is an extension of MultiSelectionModel so it is technically still multiselect mode. To set that the model, you may need to extend TreeGrid, though, since the setSelectionModel() method is protected. Otherwise there shouldn’t be any problems using alternative selection models.