Is there a way to understand the memory usage ?

Hi All,

I am keeping developing an application as proof of concept to present to a friend of mine.
The application will be made up of a lot of Views.
At this point I was wondering about memory usage for a single user.
Are there any tools or ways to understand the memory usage ?


There’s a nice earlier post about memory handling in Vaadin, even if it’s a bit old, the same general rules are still valid.!/thread/111684

What goes for tools, I usually just use jvisualvm that comes bundled with Java. With good filters and sorting you can see pretty clearly were to look for memory issues if there are such.

Also, if there should be any memory leaks on the client side and you haven’t used any custom widgets that might cause it, then that is an issue of the framework. Since Vaadin should by default take care that you’re browser does not run out of memory and clean up after itself every now and then.

Please, if you have some more specific questions about memory usage, don’t hesitate to ask.

Hi Jonas,

Thank you vey much for your reply.
I already read the post that you suggested me and it seems very interesting.
I always heard that Vaadin is stateful so I’d like to understand how much memory for user session is managed.
In my application I am paying attention at static variables and I am planning to add a method called “released” for all my compnents.
The method will set to null all the object inside the component.