Is there a FormLayout substitute that can handle full-size components?

I like FormLayout for its ability to put captions on the left, auto-adding required field indicator, and nice alignment of captions and components. But it completely ignores sizing of components with setSizeFull() - for instance if you want a text area to take up all remaining vertical space in the layout. This bug was originally observed 5 years ago - - and, after the developers couldn’t figure out how to fix it, turned into an “enhancement” and the only thing that was done is to update the documentation (it made setExpandRatio() method deprectated :frowning:

It’s been 5 years, so I figure there’s no interest on the Vaadin developer’s side to ever fix this limitation. Has anyone created or know of a good substitute? I’d hate to go back to VerticalLayout (which doesn’t have this limitation) because then I’d have to handle all the Form-layout specific things myself :frowning: I tried using CustomLayout and specifying my forms using HTML, but I guess I just don’t know enough about HTML/CSS - my forms (most of which have some component(s) that need to take up all free space in a Window) never come out the way I expected…I so miss Swing’s GridBagLayout (shows you how old a fart I am).

I use GridLayout when things get more complicated, and use Labels instead of the item’s captions. It’s not ideal, but it works for me.

Thanks Tom. I might go that route as well, if nobody replies to my related post on CustomLayout. I like the idea of CustomLayout - no need to create any labels, really, in the code as they become part of the HTML; and formatting in HTML is pretty straight-forward as well (or at least I thought so until dealing with CustomLayout :-}.