Is ther any method to solve the following combox box issue?

My requirement is,

  1. I have a combobox –
    I have 2 issues on it
    1) I need to view all elements (not like paged view)
    2) Mouse click on any place inside combo box should show drop down(now when we click on the arrow button, then only shows drop down)
  2. I can use native select to avoid that
  3. I have implemented this in so many pages
  4. Is ther any way to solve the above issues

Sub-class ComboBox, then set
to 0.

Chameleon theme
and do

Yes, but how it behaves exactly depends of course on which browser + OS you are viewing the page with.

You might want to create a separate library for this, then, and reuse it across projects. You could even
publish your solution as an add-on

You could use a
or an

All the components we are using inour product are sub classed components
When we set the pageLength = 0, wat happened is if the item count inside the combobox is higher than the height of the browser then, we cant select those items.

this is good if scroll bar is ther

We have our own themes extended from reindeer . So when i changed to chamaleon … lot of spacing problem arised

ComboBox is better for these scenario

It will be better if we get a combobox exactly like the time component of the DateField. Is ther any way to build that…

You can try to fix this with CSS. You might also want to consider
filing a bug

Just look to Chameleon theme demo then for an example of how it could be done and implement this in your own theme.

If you want to know how those are built, you’ll have to
look at the source code