is the vaadin homepage made with tailwind?

If yes, is it possible to use tailwind in my own project too and how?

I’ve found this:
is this still working in 23?

The last version of v23 is using vite, this example is using webpack. So you can’t use it ( you can use webpack but it’s deprecated)

You can use the lumo utility: Utility Classes | Lumo | Styling | Vaadin Docs

Take a look at

What about this: ? If this would work, what happens to the vaadin components using vaadin lumo css variables? I’m not interested in the components of tailwind, just the css classes

Tailwind won’t change anything in the Vaadin components since it’s different variables.

Indeed, Tailwind CSS could be used for styling html elements, but not Vaadin components. The Vaadin equivalent to Tailwind are