Is it possible to use vaadin`s client widget in own custom component

I want to use VSlider in my own custom component. use it like GWT component. but it has no methods to configure. so i need to use updateFromUIDL() method to configure it. but i dont know how to create UIDL object with my data. or im on wrong direction at all. and vaddin`s client widgets not for using this way.

Yes, that’s definitely possible. Have a look at the
source code of Slider.paintContent(PaintTarget)
to see how it’s done. There’s also a thread about
Vaadin widget server to client communication
that has some useful links.

Oh, and to define what client widget you want to use for your server-side class, you have to use the
@ClientWidget annotation

thanks for reply.
actually i want to use VSlider in client side of my custom component. (put it in gwt layout…). i can`t find any ways to do it. and just implement my one slider)