Is it possible to use route parameters and query parameters?

This doesnt seem to work:
public class ObjectEditorView extends VerticalLayout implements BeforeEnterObserver, HasUrlParameter

This is ok


This is also ok


But I cant get route parameters get to work with query parameters.

It’s hard to say without knowledge about your url parameter usage, like is it within the url marked as e.g. placeholder

Looking at public class UI I dont find a methode to pass both.

I want to get something like this:


The use case is that some Threat have been selected on a table like view and after pressing “Add” button

the view changes to the Object editer which should have the URL mentioned above.

You are mixing different concepts. You wanna use route templates (:objectuuid) but you use HasUrlParamater, which isn’t build for that. If you wanna use route templates combined with query parameter, you have to use BeforeEnter or AfterNavigation. HasUrlParamater is not usable for it.

In Before and AfterNavigation you can access template and query params

So what is HasUrlParamater then used for?

Are query parameters just a different class of route parameters or something totally different?

It grabs anything at the end - it’s the used for simple things

Totally different